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A Picture-Forming Logic Game
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LOOPical is a picture-forming puzzle game.

It's easy to learn to play LOOPical!
  • Make a loop that visits every square.
  • Follow simple clues to find the unique solution.
  • Solve mysteries.
  • Visit exotic and beautiful places.
  • Reveal a picture as you play.

Try it now!

Click below to download the FREE demo version, with 2 complete puzzlepacks and all the playing features of the registered version.

screenshots from LOOPical games in progress

LOOPical screenshot 'scaffold'

LOOPical screenshot 'city at night'

Take a LOOPical journey!

100 Mysteries!!!

Each mystery puzzlepack consists of a number of individual puzzles. Each puzzle, when solved, gives you one small piece of a mystery picture. To play, solve all the puzzles in a MysteryPack. When you are done, arrange the pieces to solve the mystery. Around the world fun!

LOOPical Playground
  • Puzzles forever - never run out
  • Easy, Medium, Hard, or Expert
  • 100 to 3000 squares
  • wild animals & birds
  • cliffs & clouds
  • oceans & deserts
  • castles & ruins
  • buildings & bridges
  • cats & kids
  • much much more

Make your own puzzles!

  • LOOPically Yours is a special place for you to make puzzles based on your own favorite photos
  • Pick a size and difficulty level. It will create unique puzzles just for you.

4 Difficulty Levels

Pick the challenge that is right for you. Every puzzle can be played on Easy, Medium, Hard, or Expert. Different clues at different levels.

Buy LOOPical!

Get the full registered version of LOOPical, with enough picture puzzles to last a lifetime.

Registered users can download free additional MysteryPacks as they are created. **33** extra MysteryPacks are now available.

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